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The Supplement Guide

Some Information about Weight Loss Supplements


Exercising is not the only way today for people who are overweight to lose weight. Fortunately for those who are sometimes lazy to exercise, there is now another way to lose weight and this is by taking weight loss supplements. These weight loss supplements can be both prescribed by a doctor or can be bought over the counter. The prescription of supplements can be given by a person's care physician and the local pharmacy. The production and packaging of these supplements are strictly regulated by the FDA or the Federal Food and Drug Administration. These supplement products also undergo clinical tests and trials to make sure of its safety and efficacy.


Note that these over the counter supplements are not regulated and are not identified in the category as a drug. In this case therefore, there is absence in the regulation of distribution and manufacturing of companies producing these supplements and these companies cannot make specific health-related claims in using these supplements. The companies also do not have clinical studies to support the same information as those supplements that have prescriptions. For more details, visit


One example of weight loss supplement is caffeine that can be both prescribed and can be over the counter supplement. It has the effect of increasing metabolism which is preliminary lose weight. Other several common ingredients among detox pills and metabolism boosters, and these you have to know so as you would know which will remove the toxins from your body. Good ingredients that eliminate toxins from your body and thus helps you reduce weight are like chromemate, phase2, super citrimax and fucoxanthin.


There are some key ingredients in detox weight loss supplements. One is fiber, an ingredient that eliminates toxins from your body. When this ingredient is dissolved in water, this soluble fiber forms into a thick gel and this infuses toxins that attaches to fatty acids. This later on will be eliminated through digestion. Another ingredient is vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, that has a detoxifying benefit that thins and decongests the bile, thereby improving the capability of the liver to break down fats. Note that a deficiency in vitamin C is a factor for people to have abdominal fat.


Taking detox diet supplements indeed has many advantages. This helps you get slimmer because you will have a considerable reduction of your water weight. It also improves the function of your digestive system and liver thereby helping a person to get more nutrients from the various foods eaten. People can also find a noticeable reduction of acne and surface wrinkles. Most noteworthy to mention is a person's improvement of health condition as a benefit of these weight loss supplements. Check out phen375 real reviews at this link to read more about this.